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Cove FAQ Corner

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Have questions about the Cove? Chances are they'll be answered here in the FAQ corner!

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1. Q: What is the purpose of The Reading Cove?

A: The purpose of the Cove is to come together online and share joy and passion for reading with others - and to have a great time in the process! The Cove also gives every member a chance to introduce others to their reading preferences through Cove Picks.

2. Q: What is a Cove Pick and how are they selected?

A: A Cove Pick is a book that wins the popular vote at the polls. The winner of the Cove trivia quiz chooses 3 books, and the Cove votes to select the winner. The book that wins the popular vote becomes the next Cove Pick!! Everyone reads the Pick and competes to win the opportunity of selecting the next 3 books for the group to vote on.

3. Q: Why do I have to be subscribed to the Reading Trivia Cove?

A: The Trivia Cove is where all Trivia Quizzes for the Cove Picks take place. All replies in the Trivia Cove go directly back to the sender and not to the rest of the Cove. When you win a Trivia Quiz, you win the chance to select the next Cove Pick for everyone to read. Keep an eye out for **Pop Trivia Games** in the Trivia Cove as well...

4. Q: What are **Pop Trivia Games/Questions**?

A: Pop Trivia Games are mini-trivia games that give everyone a chance to win extra points toward the next trivia quiz (keep an eye out because you never know when they will appear!). Whatever points you win by the time of the quiz get added to your score so you have a better chance of winning.
To make the trivia fair, your points will only be good if you can get a passing score on the quiz. That passing score will be determined and announced prior to the day of the quiz. The maximum number of points that you can win is announced with each game. If you return an incorrect reply, or don't follow directions you will not win the points.

Note: These points will only be good if you participate in the trivia quiz. If you pass the quiz (but don't win) you get to carry half of your pop points over to the next pick!!

Another Note: You may still play the games for fun, but you cannot earn points toward your own pick. If the moderators award any points to you while the group is reading your pick, those points will be saved for the next pick. 

5. Q: What is the Cove Bank?

A: If any points go un-won from a **Pop Trivia Game**, within the specified time frame, the remaining points are deposited into the Cove Bank. The points from members that leave the group are also deposited into the Bank.
At some time prior to the Cove Trivia a **Cove Bank Game** will be posted. The winners of that game, will win all the points in the Bank as announced! If any of the points in the Cove Bank go unclaimed by the date of the Trivia, they default to the moderators.
Hint: All **Cove Bank Games** will be on Cove History Picks...

6. Q: What are Cove History Picks?

A: Cove History Picks are all of the previous Cove Picks.

7. Q: What is the Cove Spotlight?

A: Spotlight questions give everyone a chance to "Step into the Spotlight" and ramble if you like in your response to the question. Anyone can ask and answer Cove Spotlight Questions, just indicate it in the subject of the message when you're asking one.

8. Q: Do we discuss only Cove Picks in the Cove?

A: No! We discuss any and everything we're reading in-between! We have loads of fun!

9. Q: What is the Cove Grading Scale?

A: This is a scale used to grade any and all the books we read. It's a great way to give everyone your overall summation on a book, whether it's a Cove Pick or not. This scale will automatically be sent upon your subscription to the Cove.

10. Q: How long do we usually have to read the Cove Picks?

A: We choose picks four months in advance. So the trivia date is always set at least four months from the date the Pick is announced, so we all have plenty of time to get and enjoy reading and discussing each pick.

11. Q: What is spoiler space?

A: Spoiler space is space left at the beginning of your email message that indicates that you are about to discuss revealing details on a book, in other words "spoil" it for some who may not be reading it yet.
We ask that spoiler space be used when discussing Cove Picks prior to the Cove Trivia, as some members may not be reading the Pick yet.
**It is extremely helpful to post the chapter you're up to as well, in case someone's not that far into the book yet.

12. Q: What happens if I decide to lurk in the Cove?

A: The Cove does not support Lurking. Lurkers are members who contribute little value, if any value, to the forum. It's similar to joining a discussion group only to sit in the back and listen, but offer nothing to the success of the group. We should all be able to benefit from each other and the purpose of the forum. The other members of a group get no benefit from Lurkers, therefore Lurkers will be unsubscribed at the discretion of the moderators. This is made clear prior to subscription as it is listed on all invitations to the Cove and also on the Reading Cove main page at Yahoo Groups.

13. Q: What happens if I miss more than 2 Cove Picks?

A: The Cove has a 4/6 guideline in order to maintain structure. Upon joining the group, each member is asked to participate in four out of every six consecutive picks. This discourages the members that have no real interest in other members' selections. After all, that is the main purpose of the Cove, to introduce and share our various preferences and to open up new reading possibilities for everyone. The two grace picks are available for busy times, if you just want to take a break, etc. The moderators do keep track based on discussion participation....Members who ignore the Cove picks will be asked to unsubscribe if they have no interest.

14. Q: Am I allowed to select any genre when I win the trivia quiz? 

A: Yes! Any genre is fine, that's the point of the Cove!

15. Q: When are we allowed to start discussion on the Cove Picks?

A: Discussions can start whenever you start reading the book! Just remember to use spoiler space and note the chapter you're in. The official discussion begins the day of the trivia quiz and spoiler space is no longer needed at that time.

16. Q: What are Cove "Tales"?

A: A Cove Tale is a *short* story made up from contributions from 4-6 members of the group. The moderators take volunteers on a "first come, first serve" basis, and then set the order each person will write in.
The first person gives the beginning and the title, and then each person adds to the story using the title as a guide! We have losts of fun with these, as we never know where the story is going to end up!

17. Q: What are "buddy" or co-reads?

A: A buddy read (sometimes called co-read) is simply a book that two or more members read and discuss together in the group. Spoiler space should be used when discussing buddy reads so as not to "spoil" the plot for other members who may read the book at a later time.
Buddy reads can be lots of fun for getting together and tackling your TBR (to be read) piles! Reading is always much more enjoyable when you have someone else to chat with about the story as you go along! We keep them pretty informal, so there's no official group calendar kept for buddy reads, participants usually just settle on a start time and then set reminders to keep track on their own personal calendars.

18. Q: In addition to playing the Pop Games, are there any other ways to win extra points?

A: Yes!  There are several ways to earn points! Most are listed below, but keep your eye out for plenty others!
  • Spotlight Cove Member (SCM)- every few months the Cove moderators recognize a member on the basis of overall group participation. The reward is 250 extra points toward the next Trivia Quiz and a "mystery reward" in the mail!
  • "Mega" Spotlight Cove Member (Mega SCM)- same criteria of the SCM to win, but for recognition of long-term members. It's done sporadically at the discretion of the moderators and in addition to a 350 point bonus, the winner also gets a bookstore gift certificate from the moderators!!
  • Posting Bonus-  At random intervals the moderators will award the member who has contributed the most ON-TOPIC posts in any given day, week, or month, a bonus! You never know when, so contribute, contribute, contribute!
  • Cove Tales- if you volunteer to contribute in one of the tales, you earn an extra 100 points towards the next Trivia Quiz!
  • Live Pop Sessions- keep an eye out for a chance to meet in our chat room and win bonus points (you never know how many!) playing trivia "live"!
  • History or Suggestion Corner Picks- whenever you read a novel from our Cove History or one suggested by another member in the Suggestion Corner, you can win 200 extra points towards the next Trivia Quiz! Just e-mail the moderators when you're done.
  • Bonus Book- each month the moderators will announce a "bonus" book. Members that read the book after it's been announced can earn 250 bonus points toward the next trivia quiz by e-mailing the moderators for a mini-quiz! You can't earn points once the deadline has passed, but if you're curious about the books chosen in the past, see the database section at our group's Yahoo homepage.  Note: The "bonus" book cannot be read in the place of the regular Cove Pick.  
  • "Favorite Review"- at the end of each Pick, members get the opportunity to express their opinion on it by writing a review. Each member earns 100 points for submitting a review. The group then votes on the reviews and the winner wins 200 extra points towards the next Trivia Quiz!
  • Invite-a-Member- if you invite someone to the Cove, you will receive a 250 point bonus when they join, and another 250 points on their 30-day anniversary, for a total of 500 points! (Provided this person does not leave or get unsubscribed for lurking prior to their one-month anniversary) So get busy sending invites!!
  • Pop Stumpers/Challengers- keep an eye out for these games in the Trivia Cove! If you prove un-stump-able or beat the challenge, you earn extra points as announced!
  • Cove Tenure- keep track of your anniversary date. You'll get 100 points for each year you've been a member - up to 500 points! Note: members who leave the group, but return within six months, will have their tenure bridged. 
  • It's Your Birthday- you get 300 bonus points on your birthday! Just send the date to the moderators! 

19. Q: How can I find out about previous discussions in the Cove?

A: The archives are available to members. Feel free to visit the Reading Cove homepage at Yahoo Groups and peruse the archive history to see what's been discussed in the Cove!

Still have questions? Send us an email! Click the link below.


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