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Meadow Reviews of Last Pick

Here's what our members had to say about our last Meadow Pick!

Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid

Review by Liz:

Red Beating Heart

Nora Bridge has struggled to become the successful advice columnist and radio talk show host that she is. But when the world she's built comes crashing down, Nora sees her career coming to an end and she hits rock bottom. Eleven years ago, when her marriage ended, she left behind two young daughters who were distraught and betrayed by her actions. Even after all these years, Nora still has an estranged relationship with them both. Ruby, the younger daughter, has proven to be especially difficult, refusing to speak to Nora for over a decade and struggling to make a career as a stand-up comedian out of her resentment for her mother.
Kristin Hannah's strength as a writer shines through her characterization. Nora is extremely believable as a guilt-ridden mother yearning to make up for the mistakes she made in her past. Ruby is equally endearing as the betrayed daughter who harbors a lot of resentment for Nora. They come together in scenes charged with emotional energy in order to work through their feelings and start the healing process.

SUMMER ISLAND is a novel about forgiveness, redemption and the choices we make. It's also a book that raises some interesting questions: how well do we really know our parents? And when we lose one of them, do we lose a part of ourselves as well? Among the exploration of the mother-daughter relationship lies another story of familial heartbreak along with a deeply moving portrayal of a young man on his deathbed. All these themes necessitate a full box of tissues nearby - SUMMER ISLAND is a definite tearjerker, and a must read for fans of passionate and dramatic family sagas.

White Spinning Star

Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid

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