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Martini Glass, Tumbling

Our last Spotlight Meadow Member was:
Mary wins 30 bonus points for the next Trivia Quiz and will also get a "mystery prize" in the mail!
Congratulations Mary!  Thanks for being a wonderful contributor and trail blazer in our reading group!

Recent Events


Our 25th Meadow Quiz was held 
Saturday, September 27th! 
Liz was the lucky winner!

*Congratulations, Liz!!
Can't wait to see the themes you pick for us to vote on for the 27th Pick!

Meadow Reviews of Last Pick

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Currently, a few members have accompanied each other reading this book!

Upcoming Events


This became our 26th Meadow Pick after receiving the popular vote at the polls!! The pick was based on the "Weather" theme that also received the popular vote at the polls!!

-Trivia Date:  Saturday, November 1, 2003

**Winner earns 100 points to take to the  Reading Cove!

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Sold Sign, Swinging

Unfortunately, the Meadow will not have a 27th Pick, the group will be closing shortly after the discussion on WHEN THE STORM BREAKS.

Feel free to join us in the Meadow's sister group, The Reading Cove.


Some members are having mini-group reads with these books!



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